Aerophobia: Quickly Conquer Your Fear Of Flying With The Soar Program (My Review)

Aerophobia can be debilitating…

Are you among the 1 in 3 Americans who are afraid to fly?  Has your fear of flying prevented you from visiting loved ones or caused you to miss important events?…

…if you answered yes to either of these questions or if your flying anxiety has limited your ability to travel and experience life – then read on to discover if Captain Tom Bunn’s Soar Program is for you.

Best Approach To Conquer Your Fear Of Flying

First I have to say I’m a firm believer in the self-help approach to anxiety problems and phobias.  They allow you to take charge of your own treatment and often cover a lot of causes for your fears.  That said it can be hard to distinguish good programs from scams.

In order to help my readers discover a helpful program I decided to find one and do a review.

Aerophobia and Soar…conquer fear of flying

After doing some research online I came across something called the Soar program.  The headline for the website claims that program users are able to conquer their fear of flying.

The program was created under the Soar Company which was founded by a retired airline pilot turned therapist:  Captain Tom Bunn.

After receiving a degree in psychology Captain Bunn joined the United States Air Force and has been flying everything from fighter jets to commercial airliners ever since earning his wings in 1960.  He also has professional experience racing cars.  He’s a licensed therapist and social worker and helped developed a safety device for one of the early jets he flew.

He also participated in accident investigations while in the Air Force.

So the president of the company and the mastermind behind the program definitely has some impressive credentials.

The company VP is also a licensed therapist and mental health counselor.  Plus she was a Soar client herself.

Conquer Your Fear Of Flying With Soar

The Soar program comes in four different sections.  Each section is designed to tackle a different angle of aerophobia.  There are pricing packages available to purchase different sections of the program without having to purchase the whole thing.  The entire program is a bit spendy so let’s break down each section to see which section applies to your fears the most.

Section 1

This section addresses some of the common techniques used to treat people with fear and anxiety problems.  It discusses some the weaknesses attributed to these techniques and why they often come up short in solving the problem.

The videos describe the psychology behind the fear of flying, what bodily mechanisms are triggered, and how the body reacts to these triggers.

Then it offers a solution which it attributes to social conditioning.  Bringing a trusted friend on a flight who isn’t afraid helps the client keep calm through the unconscious signals the unafraid flyer sends them.  They are then able to attribute their fear to a positive experience and ultimately get rid of their feelings of fear.

Section 2

In section 2 the videos describe how to take control of your feelings and prevent them in the first place.  This section focuses on how to eliminate feelings of claustrophobia and panic.

Section 3overcome fear of flying

This section teaches you how to control your fears emotionally and intellectually by teaching you how planes operate.  Captain Bunn takes clients through an air plane museum and uses the displays as models to explain how they work.  The idea is that by showing you what to expect during a flight you will be secure in your knowledge of the plane’s safety.

They try to address every question they think you can come up with.  If they don’t they offer Captain Bunn’s email and promise to send an answer.

Section 4

These videos take you into the cockpit of a Boeing 747.  In the cockpit airport procedures are explained to a group of anxious flyers.  The videos walk through landings, takeoffs, and various weather conditions.

This section also includes and interview with a maintenance supervisor who describes just how closely each plane is inspected and maintained before every flight.

Will Soar Cure My Aerophobia?

Soar will definitely benefit you the most if you are willing and able to put in the work it takes to go through the program.  There are a number of DVDs and videos to work through and if you purchase the packages you also get a personal phone therapy session with Captain Bunn.

The Soar website has a lot of free resources to use in case you don’t want to commit to buying anything.  There are videos, articles, Q and A sessions with Captain Bunn himself.  Plus you can access a forum, a weekly live chat session, and a weekly group phone chat session all for free to get help, or decide if the program is worth spending money on.cure flying phobia

The full program also comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  If you purchase the full program and aren’t satisfied with your next flight you will get your money back.

At the very least the free resources on the Soar website are worth checking out!  They contain a lot of information that could help ease aerophobia without spending money.  I have found them to be very helpful, so please do yourself a favor and check them out.  Click the link below and navigate to the resources tab at the top of the page.

==> Click this link to check out the Soar website

There are also a number of positive reviews and client testimonials available…

What Soar Program Users Are Saying…


To follow-up . . . now that I’ve been home for a week, I still feel a profound sense of personal power—a feeling of competence. I feel more centered. I keep waiting for this feeling to disappear but thank God, it hasn’t.

Tom, I don’t really understand the internal psychological process that your SOAR course affected within me; however, I know it happened. I feel almost as good and comfortable about flying as I did prior to my fear of flying days. And if this could happen to me, I know the SOAR course can work for anyone.



Dear Tom,

There are no words to express what you did for me in the course . . . .
With sincere thanks and appreciation


Dear Tom,

your program was a real blessing and a wonderful alternative to Xanax which my physician prescribed for this problem.


My Final Words…

The Soar program is EFFECTIVE.

aviophobiaCaptain Bunn has legitimate credentials and his knowledge of planes and the aviation industry is impressive.  Even just his free articles and videos are jam packed with helpful information.

The bottom line is that this product is definitely worth it!  If you are sick of letting your anxiety limit your life and you want to conquer your fear of flying I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this program.

Final Rating:  4 out of 5 stars

How to Overcome Your Fear of Flying F.A.Q.

Q:  What is the best way to cure my flying phobia?

A:  The best way to cure your phobia is to inform yourself.  Learning about planes and the airline industry can greatly reduce anxiety.   The Soar program does a good job teaching about both and how to deal with your own emotional reactions.

Q:  Does the Soar program involve the use of hypnosis?

A:  No, the program doesn’t use hypnosis.

Q:  What is aerophobia?

A:  Aerophobia is a paralyzing fear of flying.

Q:  What if I’m still not convinced this program is the right treatment for me?

A:  Don’t just take my word for it!  This program has been showcased on CNN, ABC, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and more!  The free resources on the site and the money back guarantee also help to make this a low risk investment.

cure aerophobia

Don’t miss out on a beautiful vacation to a place like this because of your fear of flying!

==> Defeat your fear now!

Don’t let your anxiety limit you from living your life to the fullest!  Cheers to conquering your fears and living life unlimited!

-Connor Wood