Strategies To Combat Flying Fears

Common Strategies People Use to Combat Flying Fears

Many people who suffer from flying anxiety suffer needlessly…

…there are many different strategies available today that can be used to tackle flying fears.  Each of these strategies takes a different approach to the problem.  These methods each have their own pros and cons and have varying degrees of effectiveness depending on the person.

In this post I will review three common strategies people often use to help overcome their fear of flying and the pros and cons of each.

Common Strategy #1:  Therapy

Therapy is a common approach many people take to combat their fear of flying.  Therapy can be an effective solution for some people and therapists are trained to teach people how to dealcombat flying anxiety with their anxiety.

The problem with therapy is finding a qualified specialist who focuses on helping people overcome their flying fears.

Most therapists are trained to treat a wide variety of problems.  They are trained to be generalists.  They aren’t usually trained to treat one specific problem which means they often don’t know enough about aviation and flying fears to be of proper help.

Another important distinction to make is between therapists who’s goal is to help their patients cope with their anxiety and those who want to eliminate patient anxiety.  As a patient I don’t want to have to cope with my flying fears…

…I want them gone altogether.

If therapy is an approach you are considering, remember to find a therapist who specializes in helping people overcome their fear of flying completely.  Not just helping patients deal with their anxiety as it is.

Common Strategy #2:  Medication

Another common strategy people use to combat a crippling fear of flying is to seek medication.  combat flying fearsThis may mean pills or other drugs such as alcohol.

Medication can work wonders for some people.  It can suppress feelings of anxiety and allow people to remain calm.

One big issue with getting an anxiety prescription however, is finding the right medication and dosage.  There are a lot of anti-anxiety drugs out there and finding one that fits your body’s needs can be a challenge.

Many of these drugs also have adverse side effects such as, drowsiness, weight gain, nausea, and more.  Even after finding the right drug narrowing down the correct dosage can be hard.

It often takes some trial and error for you and your doctor.

Not to mention patience.

Plus the side effects of taking the incorrect dosage can have some of the same unpleasant side-effects that taking the wrong medication can have.

Common Strategy #3:  Hypnosis

The idea behind hypnosis is to combat flying fears by targeting it in your unconscious where it eliminate aerophobiaoriginates.

Hypnotherapists often use techniques designed to discover where your fear stems from and how to cope with it.  Some of these techniques are used in an effort to make you relate your fear triggers to calming words or situations.

For example a hypnotherapist may ask you to think about booking a flight for a vacation to stir your anxiety.  At the moment you begin to feel anxious the therapist may then introduce a calming phrase or scenario and ask you to focus on that.

The hope is that your fears and anxiety will begin to remind you of the calming scenario.  This should eventually help you overcome your flying fears and anxiety…

…The problem with this approach is that it doesn’t always work.  You have to be very focused when implementing these techniques or they won’t work when you need them most.

You also have to believe in hypnosis in the first place!

The Most Effective Strategies

I’ve found that the most effective way to combat your flying fears starts with you.

Educating yourself about plane physics and the aviation industry can go a long way towards eliminating your fear of flying and reducing anxiety.

It’s also important to understand why you are afraid and what triggers your anxiety.

Once you understand that you can use techniques to control your body’s reactions to your fear.  Eventually, with practice, you can learn to control how you react to your triggers and erase your flying fears completely.

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The key is to keep learning and working towards combating your flying fears.  In the end eliminating your fears will lead to a better, fuller life.

Happy flying!

-Connor Wood